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CP Chemistry
Instructor: Ms. Chapleau   
Welcome To CP Chemistry! 


I will post class updates and important documents on this site.  I will also use this website to link to useful videos (created by me or by others). 

I hope you enjoy this wonderful year of chemistry we have ahead of us!

If you have any questions, please email me at


Web Pages
Re-post of the lecture video link
hi everyone, two people have emailed with issues with the video link. I am trying to re-post again here. You can also click on the lecture videos tab, then click on unit 1 videos, then click on basic atomic structure.
Here is the link for the article for you to read tonight:

THis folder contains worksheets regarding SEE-IDA
 Study Guides
This folder contains all end of unit study guides
 Testable Skills
These are descriptions of the skills you will need for the unit/chapter tests. I will also post these in the classroom.
 WebQuests and Computer activities
This folder contains all the files you need to download on the days we use computers in class
This file contains the entire Matter Lab, including pre- and post-labs and procedures/safety/results
This is our in class worksheet for Mole Day
No "Homework" exist(s)

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